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Going Taramindu VIA LIPA
Take Slex that connects to Star Toll way then exit Lipa. From toll both turn right towards Mc Donalds. At fork, stay on the right road. Turn right at the first corner, then left at the next corner. This road leads to Claro M. Recto. Turn Right at Mercury Drug (P. Torres St) go all the way to enter Padre Garcia Town. After passing by Padre Garcia Pamilihang Bayan immediately turn right. Go all the way and head towards San Juan passing by batangas racing circuit. At Sab Juan municipal hall turn right and go straight ahead towards Laiya. Follow cemented road that leads all the way to Taramindu. At the of the road turn left to TARAMINDU.
Going Taramindu VIA IBAAN
From Star Toll way, go all the way and exit at Ibaan Exit (after Lipa Exit and before Batangas exit). After the toll booth, go left under overpass and head towards Ibaan town. Passing by Ibaan Church, go around it towards the left until the next major corner leading to Rosario Town. At Rosario crossing (Jollibee), go straight and head towards San Juan passing by Batangas Racing Circuit. Turn right after San Juan Municipal Hall. Follow cemented road and at the end of the road turn left toTARAMINDU.


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